Launch of the next edition of Confectionery Live

The Confectionery Live team are thrilled to announce the launch of the next edition of Confectionery Live, which will taking place virtually from 20-21 June 2023.

Thanks to the position of International Confectionery magazine, Confectionery Live is well placed to establish itself as the leading virtual event for the confectionery industry; best evidenced by the launch of the first edition, which oversaw thousands of registrations on top of industry leaders taking part including Cargill and Mars Wrigley.

This edition will be based around the theme ‘Sustainable. Ethical. Lasting’, to reflect issues which are important to the confectionery industry, exploring the importance of sustainable and ethical supply chains to both consumers and businesses, as well as creating durable production machinery and lines that last for longer, and are more sustainable because they don’t need to be replaced.

Our chosen content topics span the entire production of chocolate and sugar confectionery, from the very start – sourcing raw materials and ingredients sustainable, the rise of alternative sugars and sweeteners – through to the production level, exploring automation and robotics, and right the way to the end consumer, whose demands from confectionery are becoming increasingly sugar-free and plant-based.

We will be especially interested in submissions from producers and machinery manufacturers, examining case studies and real-life production issues, as well as submissions from companies of all sizes – from the small producer all the way to the large-scale corporation.

Our call for content is now open – please submit by the 24 April 2023 to have your content considered.


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