Confectionery Live announces Tanis Headline Sponsor

We are delighted to announce Tanis Confectionery is once again sponsoring Confectionery Live, which will be taking place 21-22 February 2024.

Tanis specialises in tailor-made solutions in confectionery process design and full project support. By working in close cooperation with the customer, Tanis provides a range of specially developed systems from basic to fully integrated operations. Their customers know their markets and clients. Tanis supports their specific wishes according to production volume, raw materials, flavours, additives and finishings. Together they translate their recipes into a concept and a working plan. Tanis supplies equipment from ingredient till final product to produce sugar confectionery masses such as gums and jellies, chewy products, caramel, nougat, cereal bars, hard candy, praline centres, and fondants.

Tanis Confectionery sponsored Confectionery Live in June 2023 where they delivered three highly insightful sessions on solving common challenges and creating innovative products in jellies and gums, which will also be available on-demand.

In the three sessions, which were titled ‘Center in Shell’, ‘Vegan Aeration’ and ‘Future of Starch’, the Tanis Confectionery team discussed process control points in creating centre-filled gummies as viscosity and density parameters are important; the growing trend towards plant-based options and exploring non-starch depositing technologies.

As a Headline Sponsor once again, Tanis will be delivering three sessions drawing on their particular expertise in manufacturing equipment for gums and jellies.

One session will centre on the Guinness Book of Records breaking gummy bear Tanis created last year, which gathered considerable acclaim and attention. Creating the world’s largest gummy bear was a real test, as Tanis had to ensure that the size and scale of the candy mass would not collapse and would set properly – the length of time for which was unknown.

“Tanis provides a critical role in supporting Confectionery Live by delivering their key insights and innovations,” said Jon Pittock, Publisher, Hand Media International. “We are pleased to be welcoming them on board again and look forward to viewing their sessions.”

Register to make sure you don’t miss out on Tanis’ sessions here.


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