Confectionery Live introduces Aaron Adu

Ahead of the must-attend virtual event Confectionery Live happening next month, 21-22 February, we are pleased to announce our next speaker; Aaron Adu, Managing Director of The Global Shea Alliance.

Aaron is the Managing Director of the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and leads the organisation’s development efforts including strategic planning, membership expansion, collaboration and fundraising. He oversees sustainability, quality, policy advocacy and promotion.

He spoke at the launch of the first Confectionery Live in January 2022, where he stressed that shea fits into a sustainable global market, as shea trees grow naturally within the shea parklands and require no land clearance; are integrated with other crops on smallholder farms; and require no pesticides for growth.

He emphasised the supporting a naturally sustainable industry is of vital importance. In his session at the upcoming Confectionery Live in February, Aaron will delve into further depth on the value of shea in its place in a sustainable global market but also as a relatively stable and secure commodity, available at a price lower than cocoa butter and with complementary functionality to oil palm.

He will talk about how the growing number of applications for shea as a power ingredient in the food industry has helped to support its growth, such as being used as a vegetable oil in chocolate and other confectionery; and as demand for this crop has continued to increase, the focus has been to support its sustainable growth.

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