Confectionery Awards announces nominations

As the countdown to Confectionery Live begins and the must-attend virtual confectionery event returns to your screens 21-22 February, the launch of the first International Confectionery Awards will be an awards show not to miss.

The International Confectionery Awards will uphold our tradition of championing innovators, thought leaders and trailblazers working in the industry.

We are pleased to announce the official award nominations below. To find out who the winners are, you can register for free to attend the award ceremony here.

Woman of the Year Award 

  • Amy Guittard, Chief Marketing Officer, Guittard Chocolate Company

Amy Guittard works as the Chief Marketing Officer at family-owned company Guittard Chocolate Company. She is the fifth generation and has a passion for cocoa and chocolate.

  • Becca Lazar, Head of Operations & Sales, Chocolarder

Becca Lazar is the Head of Operations & Sales at Chocolarder, a bean-to-bar chocolate marker operating out of Cornwall, in the UK.

  • Julia Ocampo, VP of Cacao Sourcing and Sustainability, Luker Chocolate

Julia Ocampo works as the Vice President of Cacao Sourcing and Sustainability at Luker Chocolate. She is passionate about managing and implementing projects that value small producers.

  • Sofie De Lathouwer, CEO, Gudrun Group

Sofie De Lathouwer has served as the CEO of Gudrun Group for over two years now and has been a dedicated part of the chocolate industry for almost 20 years.

The winners will be announced at Confectionery Live on 21-22 February. We look forward to seeing you there.

Company of the Year Award

  • Hames Chocolates

Private label manufacturer Hames Chocolates has been making chocolates since 2005 for the retail, leisure industry, corporate gifting, food service and cake decoration sectors.

  • Lestello Sp z.o.o.

Lestello Sp z.o.o has been in existence since 1992 and produces a wide variety of products including rice cakes, dark chocolate rice cakes, a range of groats and more.

Rising Star Award

  • Ayissi Nyemba

Ayissi Nyemba is the Founder of Emkao Foods, a company focused on the production of single-source chocolate ingredients, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and other related products.

  • Manikandan Kumar

Manikandan Kumar serves as the Group CEO of Ivory Gull Candy Company with the aspiration to build a world beating Indian-based confectionery brand.

  • Philip DaSilva

Philip DaSilva works as the VP of Business Development at Island Abbey Nutritionals, a science-based company operating out of Canada.

  • Vaishaly Singh

Vaishaly Singh is the Founder and Managing Director of KIAM Chocolatier – AKA Aaraya Chocolates, a company founded in 2017 with the purpose of making high quality chocolates.

Startup of the Year Award

  • Planet A Foods

Planet A Foods was founded in 2021 by chocolate siblings and fanatics Sara and Max. Bringing together Sara’s experience in biotech and Max’s work as a material scientist, Planet A Foods was born.

  • WNWN Food Labs

WNWN Food Labs’ journey began in 2020, as Co-Founders Dr Johnny Drain and Ahrum Pak set up a company with the mission of changing the cocoa industry.

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Gary Guittard, President, Guittard Chocolate Company

As the President of the Guittard Chocolate Company, Gary has had a lifetime passion for chocolate and cocoa which goes back to his childhood.

  • Derek Shaw, Consulting Confectioner

Derek Shaw is a consultant to the confectionery trade providing a full range of support for candy from product development to demos and advice.

Product of the Year Award

  • Aaraya Chocolates

Aaraya Chocolates was set up with the aim of creating the highest-quality chocolate products and make Dubai the go-to chocolates city globally

  • Tutu Chocolates

Oxford-based business Tutu Chocolates creates handcrafted chocolates ranging from truffles to bars, florentines, caramels and seasonal treats.

Sustainability Project of the Year

  • Emkao Foods

Emkao Foods was founded in 2016. The company sources cocoa beans from Kotou Farm in Cameroon and processes them into chocolate ingredients.

  • Gudrun Group

Private label manufacturer Gudrun Group produces Belgian chocolate and truffles for the premium chocolate segment.

  • Guylian

Belgian chocolate brand Guylian is best known for its seashell shaped pralines, and its history can be traced back to 1958.

  • Luker Chocolate

Colombian, family-owned chocolate manufacturer Luker Chocolate was founded in 1906 and supplies a portfolio of chocolate ingredients.

Innovation of the Year

  • Chocolat Mathiez

Chocolat Mathiez wa first founded in 1934, when Founder Alaüs Mathez began production of cacao truffles, a product that has developed in its portfolio. 

  • Freedom Confectionery

Based in Lancashire, UK, Freedom Confectionery’s history dates back into 2013 following from 10 years of research and development.

  • Planet A Foods

Planet A Foods is a startup business founded in 2021 and focused on producing cocoa-free chocolate to address issues facing the cocoa landscape.


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