With consumers beginning to ask more about the global supply chain, wanting more transparency from confectionery companies, the industry is looking to address sustainability in its efforts, whether this is through ensuring cocoa is sourced ethically or in the manufacturing of the machines that produce the confectionery; we will cover all of this in Confectionery Live. 

Confectionery Live is your opportunity to get involved in some of the most important ongoing conversations within the industry and provide your own unique insight and analysis. You have until the end of the year to provide your submissions on the following topics. We are especially interested in packaging materials and technology – what direction the packaging sector is going in – the producer – what attracts the consumer to the end product – as well as panel discussions involving professionals with the industry for their insight into other, topical issues which will be provided by us.  

We will split the topic list into the two distinct industry categories – chocolate and sugar confectionery – and we will be looking for submissions on the following:  

Ethical Sourcing in Chocolate 

  • The supply chain from bean to bar 
  • Harvesting and growing ingredients in a more sustainable way  
  • Topical issues around child labour, palm oil in chocolate, and fair trade chocolate 

Raw Materials & Ingredients 

  • Latest innovations in ingredients and alternatives  
  • How the consumer landscape is shifting demand for health-conscious consumers 
  • Applying raw materials in the production of chocolate and sugar confectionery  

Machinery & Production (the making of) 

  • Latest innovations and technology in the world of confectionery 
  • Using machinery and technology to make chocolate and sugar confectionery  
  • Innovations in the robotics and smart machinery sector 

Packaging & Materials/Technology 

  • The future of packaging 
  • Latest challenges and trends within the packaging process  
  • Challenges of sustainability, shelf life and environmental issues  

Consumer Insight 

  • Latest trends in the industry 
  • How are companies and manufacturers actively tackling growing challenges  
  • What is the ‘NEXT normal’ and what the focus on health and nutrition means 

The Producer 

  • What types of confectionery and chocolate are consumers most drawn to and why 
  • What branding and flavours are being chosen by retail establishments and why   
  • Is there still a competition between the high street and the e-consumer