Sustainable. Ethical. Lasting 

With consumers beginning to ask more about the global supply chain, wanting more transparency from confectionery companies, the industry is looking to address sustainability in its efforts, whether this is through ensuring cocoa is sourced ethically or in the manufacturing of the machines that produce the confectionery; we will cover all of this in Confectionery Live. 

Confectionery Live is your opportunity to get involved in some of the most important ongoing conversations within the industry and provide your own unique insight and analysis. You have until the end of the year to provide your submissions on the following topics. We are especially interested in packaging materials and technology – what direction the packaging sector is going in – the producer – what attracts the consumer to the end product – as well as panel discussions involving professionals with the industry for their insight into other, topical issues which will be provided by us.  

We will split the topic list into the two distinct industry categories – chocolate and sugar confectionery – and we will be looking for submissions on the following:  

Raw materials and ingredients

  • Sustainably sourcing
  • Innovative materials and ingredients (e.g. plant based)
  • Alternative sweeteners and sugars

Production and machinery

  • Latest innovations and developments
  • Automation and robotics
  • Complete turnkey systems

Packaging machinery and materials

  • Modular packaging machines
  • Latest developments
  • Sustainable packaging materials

Ethical sourcing of cocoa and chocolate

  • Latest legislation and regulation
  • Harvesting and growing more sustainably
  • Traceability and transparency

Consumer insight

  • Sugar-reduced and sugar-free solutions
  • Plant-based products
  • Health-conscious consumers

The Producer

  • Branding using packaging
  • Energy efficient production
  • Operating in a post pandemic world